Happy Three Day Weekend Friday!

Not too much time to post today, becase a) it’s EVERYONE’S BIRTHDAY! and b) every time I try something crazy happens. To sum things up:

Happy Birthday Emily, Becky, and Enaeza! I love all three of you.

I’ll be back with pictures and a race recap from Ski to Sea on Monday.



He’s Just a Baby

I call my dog Cooper a baby a lot. Like, multiple times daily. I sing a little song to him sometimes telling everyone what a little baby he is. Sometimes the lyrics go, “Little baby Cooper, he is just a baby! He is just a baby (repeat 40x)”, other times they are variations on how he is just a baby and we love him and he’s a little baby. Barf, right? It’s disgusting, but he likes it and it relaxes him. This works especially well if Michael or I has been gone and we walk in the door – instead of building his excitement by roughhousing or hollering “hello puppy!” (which we also do, sometimes)

welcome home, Mom!

welcome home, Mom!

But because the Coop is about 90 lbs and taller than me if he’s laid out with his legs stretched behind him sometimes I do forget that he’s still young. He’s not quite two yet, which means that in doggie years he’s still an adolescent. He’s old enough that he’s beginning to mellow out, and not act like he’s on crack cocaine all the time, but still young enough to be afraid of owls when they hoot in the greenbelt by our home. Old enough that he can be left home alone without chewing on the couch, but young enough that sometimes I see new spots of ticking on his back. Old enough that he’s finished growing (we hope!) but he still has accidents… Continue reading

Workout Wendesday

Welcome to the second edition of Workout Wednesday, where Michael and I get to stay accountable by telling you how much (read: how little) we worked out the previous week. As you may remember, my foot has been healing from some kind of acute abductor hallucis stress. I think that it was caused by running too many hills and pushing from my toes instead of using my big muscles (ie my glutes and hip flexors). Some of these hills were at the Fiesta 5k Ole! in Seattle, which I ran with a few of my buddies on May 4th.

My buddies and the winner of the costume contest "Inflatable Horse Guy"

My buddies and the winner of the costume contest “Inflatable Horse Guy”

No, I am not the Inflatable Horse Guy; I was behind the camera taking some superfine pictures of myself accidentally.

oh wait, the camera's facing the other way?

oh wait, the camera’s facing the other way?

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Doggie Pedicures

My dog Cooper never used to have a problem getting his nails clipped. We made sure when he was just a little baby puppy to always handle his feet when we were snuggling with him and he loved it. We probably clipped his nails once a week, or maybe once every two weeks, just because he was so comfortable with it. This was when Cooper was an indoor dog. We didn’t have a yard in our first place, and there were very strict rules about keeping pets leashed in our apartment complex. It didn’t help that my honey baby Cooper can sometime look terrifying when he’s happy. (It’s the American Bulldog in him – when he smiles he shows ALL of his teeth.)

He's a ferocious dog! Look at those sleepy fangs!

He’s a ferocious dog! Look at those sleepy fangs!

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I hate it when that happens!

I know that I already lied to you once about how well my dog Cooper does when he’s home alone, and I promise not to make it a habit, but I lied again. Last Friday when I said that I was having an easy week? I jinxed it. Everyone knows not to say things like that, but for some reason I thought that the rules didn’t apply to blogging. HA! Yeah right. Approximately 20 minutes after I hit “publish” the S hit the fan. I ended up staying late at work, which was unfortunate, but luckily I got to come home to a happy husband and sleepy puppy. They’re my favorite things to see at the end of a long day.

Michael does homework while Cooper pretends he's small enough to sit on a lap

Michael does homework while Cooper pretends he’s small enough to sit on a lap

We didn’t end up hiking this weekend, which is kind of a bummer. The weather was absolutely perfect for it on Saturday but I made the mistake of starting to re-read “Mockingjay”, the third “Hunger Games” book, and I accidentally sat on the couch and read all day long. All. Day. Long. I did play with Coop in the yard for a while, but mostly he sat in my lap, or on my feet, or in that special space behind my knees where a triangle formed by my calves, my thighs and the back of the couch. He’s a sweet little boy 🙂 Michael went to the gym and then worked on some homework, but we had a pretty chill Saturday.

I'm just chillin'

I’m just chillin’

Sunday, though, we went to the University District Street Fair where our friend’s band was performing. One of our buddies came to our house so that we could carpool to the city. I’m always surprised when I see him, because I feel like Michael is a pretty big guy, but this guy is a beast.

Baby Beefalo and Big Beefalo

Baby Beefalo and Big Beefalo

Michael looks like a regular sized human being compared to this dude!

We celebrated another friend’s birthday at the fair by rocking out to her boyfriend’s band Velcro Mindset. They were so good! We had karaoked together before, so I knew that the singer had an awesome voice, but hearing his band play was really interesting. They have a great local Seattle rock sound and their lyrics are sharp.


After the band played we got some craft beer and gyros. At the bar, we saw a puppy that was a Cooper look-a-like! The friend whose birthday we were celebrating had a little foot-in-mouth moment though when we were talking to the owner – she kept saying “show him a picture of Cooper!” but his pup was a seeing eyed dog… oops! He was so gracious though, and didn’t make her feel any worse than she already did. The dog was smaller than my dog Cooper, but they had such similar markings and they even made the same facial expressions.

Could you accidentally drop some of your gyro, please?

Once we were done eating, we headed over to a karaoke bar where we all rocked everyone’s faces off! A spectacular finish to a much needed weekend.

What did you do this weekend?

Happy Friday!

Hooray! We made it! Some weeks feel so much longer than others, but for some reason this week flew by for me. It could be because I’m working at a new location, or it could be that the weather has been nicer, or maybe it’s because we started the blog this week… whatever the reason is, I’m no less happy that the weekend starts this evening. My dog Cooper will be happy that it’s the weekend as well! Since MaeMae has been out of town this week, and Michael and I have been working long days, he’s had a lot of alone time. When the Coop has weeks like this, all by himself with no one to rub his ears, we try to make it up to him during the weekends. This can sometimes mean adventures at the dog park, or hours in the yard playing fetch with his chewed up tennis balls or slimy rawhide bones.

You want this bone? This bone right here? Let me just lick it first.

You want this bone? This bone right here? Let me just lick it first.

Sometimes Cooper gets really lucky though. Continue reading