Hello, and thanks for checking out what will be an ever-changing journal of the life of my dog Cooper and our little family. This blog has the potential to be many things, from a collection of healthy recipes (for humans) to a weekly update of what inedible objects The Coop has eaten. In other words, this blog will be a window into our lives and hopefully bring a smile to your face along the way.

coop-on-lapTo start off, let me introduce the puppy who started it all. Special Agent Dale Cooper, more commonly referred to as My Dog Cooper (also goes by CoopCoop, Honey Baby Bear, Sweetheart Baby Face, Buddy, Bud, Dog), came to our family in November of 2011, just three and a half months after Michael and I tied the knot. Our discussions about getting a dog began before we were married, so it wasn’t a question of “if” we were going to get a dog, but “when”. Michael had been pestering me for a few weeks, almost incessantly, about getting a dog and I finally said to him, “get the house ready for a puppy, and we’ll seriously discuss it.” I came home from work the next day to find our home spotless with a new set of bowls for food and water, a bag of puppy food, and a pile of chew toys in the corner. Michael wasn’t home, but when I called him he told me that he was at the pet store picking up a bed. Forty minutes later I heard the familiar beep of Michael’s car alarm being armed, and then I heard a very different noise… almost like a little woof. It couldn’t be! He didn’t have a dog with him! Yes. He did. Sweet Baby Cooper was trotting along with a floppy grin on his big ol’ face and I fell in love immediately. Michael had rescued him from a woman who was about to give Cooper to the shelter, and brought him into our family and things have never been the same. Now, even though Cooper was only three months old when we got him, he was no in any way a small puppy.


Having a gigantic dog as a first pet as newlyweds has been challenging, but far more than that, it’s been rewarding. I get to see my little baby grow up, and I get to see our relationship evolve as Michael and I learn every day how to be better partners and better people.


This sometimes includes late night study sessions .homework-with-a-side-of-pup


Our lives will be changing in the coming months and this blog will also be a way for our families and friends to keep up with the news, partially because Michael doesn’t know how to answer his phone! We’ll be moving across the state so that Michael can pursue his dream of becoming a Registered Dietician and I can work at the hospital while applying for more schooling (lifetime student here) and exploring the town of Ellensburg by foot. We appreciate any questions or comments you may have about the blog, whether it be a nutrition question for Michael, a running tip for Sarah, or just a virtual scratch behind the ear for the pup, so please leave comments below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. Just remember, if someone says something that you don’t agree with, please don’t be disrespectful toward them. Open conversations are great, but name calling is not, so don’t be mean 🙂

I will leave you with this shot of my dog Cooper from last weekend; this is how I always picture him in my mind. Woof!



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