Happy Friday!

Hooray! We made it! Some weeks feel so much longer than others, but for some reason this week flew by for me. It could be because I’m working at a new location, or it could be that the weather has been nicer, or maybe it’s because we started the blog this week… whatever the reason is, I’m no less happy that the weekend starts this evening. My dog Cooper will be happy that it’s the weekend as well! Since MaeMae has been out of town this week, and Michael and I have been working long days, he’s had a lot of alone time. When the Coop has weeks like this, all by himself with no one to rub his ears, we try to make it up to him during the weekends. This can sometimes mean adventures at the dog park, or hours in the yard playing fetch with his chewed up tennis balls or slimy rawhide bones.

You want this bone? This bone right here? Let me just lick it first.

You want this bone? This bone right here? Let me just lick it first.

Sometimes Cooper gets really lucky though.

Sometimes we get to go hiking! There’s something special about finding ourselves immersed in nature; it brings out the best in Michael and me as individuals. We love hiking so much that we chose to go backpacking through Na Pali on our honeymoon, which was absolutely breathtaking. Like, it was so beautiful that it took our breath away and it was so challenging that we were sucking wind when we got to the final beach to set up our tent. Don’t think that we’re too tough though, after four days on the trails we spent a week at a fantastic hotel on Maui that had, literally, the best water slide I have ever been on. Yes, we are still children and we liked the water slide at the hotel probably more than is appropriate for adults. Back to the Pacific Northwest though: I believe our love of hiking has been passed down to our puppy, or at least I hope it has.


Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge

One of the ways I know that my dog Cooper loves hiking is his propensity for falling asleep in the car as soon as we finish the hike, before we even leave the trailhead. Do you remember when you used to go to the zoo, or the aquarium or the amusement park as a kid and as soon as you buckled your seatbelt you were toast? (Was this only me?) I think back to having a great time at Snoqualmie Falls as a little girl, jumping around on the rocks and eating picnics with my family, and then getting back to the car and just zonking out. This is what Cooper does after we hike. I think that he gets so physically tired from the climb and descent, and so intellectually exhausted (what was that sound? OMG new smells! people I’ve never met! is that snow?!) that he just needs to take a moment and recharge.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

And then, this is what he looks like when he gets home.


Give yourself a Cooper weekend. If you’ve been around people all week long, take a few hours to be alone. If you’ve been stuck behind a desk, or at home alone, or just in a place where you’ve felt lonely, spend some time with your friends or family. Breathe some fresh air. Run around in your yard. Go out and enjoy nature, take in everything it has to offer and let it fill your senses. Then come home and crash on the couch. I promise, it will be the best sleep you’ve gotten in a long time.


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