Workout Wendesday

Welcome to the second edition of Workout Wednesday, where Michael and I get to stay accountable by telling you how much (read: how little) we worked out the previous week. As you may remember, my foot has been healing from some kind of acute abductor hallucis stress. I think that it was caused by running too many hills and pushing from my toes instead of using my big muscles (ie my glutes and hip flexors). Some of these hills were at the Fiesta 5k Ole! in Seattle, which I ran with a few of my buddies on May 4th.

My buddies and the winner of the costume contest "Inflatable Horse Guy"

My buddies and the winner of the costume contest “Inflatable Horse Guy”

No, I am not the Inflatable Horse Guy; I was behind the camera taking some superfine pictures of myself accidentally.

oh wait, the camera's facing the other way?

oh wait, the camera’s facing the other way?

My moustache is grey to match my greying hair (thanks Mom). Also, please imagine “Careless Whisper” playing in the background when you see this picture – it makes in exponentially better.

The Fiesta 5k was on Capitol Hill, and I think that 85% of the course was on an incline or decline. Apparently, that can really mess with your feet. Also, the day after the race I thought it would be great idea to do two hilly 2.5 milers so that I could get a longer run in without baking myself or my dog Cooper in the 88 degree evening heat. After the first 2.5 I knew that something was a little off when I felt tightness in my arch and in my Achilles tendon, but it wasn’t until I finished running my second round that I really thought that something wrong. Cooper had come with my on my second run, because it later in the day and therefore cooler, and even thought we took quite a few walk/pee/smell-the-pole breaks he was still panting hard at the end. I was happy enough to walk the last quarter mile home because every time I took a step, it felt like my foot was about to spasm and cramp.

Luckily, that week off that I took, and the following easier week really did wonders for me. I was able to complete my long run on Sunday with minimal pain, and I even was able to go to that street fair afterward without any limping or cramping. Running 10 miles last Sunday was a little risky. I have Ski to Sea coming up this weekend and my half marathon the weekend after, and if I had exacerbated that abductor hallucis injury I would have been down for the count. Instead, finishing my long run really gave me hope that I’ll be able to complete my half marathon without dying. I guess we’ll see how I feel after Ski to Sea, but I have a lot of faith that I’ll be able to do it. Now, getting a PR? That’s doubtful.

After the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - does it count as a PR if it was my first one?

After the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – does it count as a PR if it was my first one?

Even if I don’t PR, I am so excited for this half marathon, and Ski to Sea! I love races so much, like, more than is normal. If you have ever been to a race with me, you can see that I turn into this hyperemotional bundle of nerves that can’t quite stand still – bouncing from foot to foot and hopping in the air like a jacked up bunny.

Hot Chocolate 5k/15k 2013

Hot Chocolate 5k/15k 2013

Call me crazy, but there is something powerful about hundreds (or thousands, depending on how large the race is) of people all working toward the same goal, regardless of their upbringing, their personality, their gender or race. Bigger races seem to move me more, perhaps just because of the sheer number of people competing; but smaller races move me in a different way. Smaller races are more about camaraderie than about PRs, unless you’re a PR hound. And if I’m able to be at the start line with someone during their first race, it’s so overwhelming that I have shed tears.

Dad, Mom and I after Beat the Bridge 2011

Dad, Mom and I after Beat the Bridge 2011 (their first race)

So get ready for some killer race recaps coming up in the next few weeks, following Ski to Sea and the North Olympic Discovery Half. I can tell you right now, that they’re going to be great!


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