He’s Just a Baby

I call my dog Cooper a baby a lot. Like, multiple times daily. I sing a little song to him sometimes telling everyone what a little baby he is. Sometimes the lyrics go, “Little baby Cooper, he is just a baby! He is just a baby (repeat 40x)”, other times they are variations on how he is just a baby and we love him and he’s a little baby. Barf, right? It’s disgusting, but he likes it and it relaxes him. This works especially well if Michael or I has been gone and we walk in the door – instead of building his excitement by roughhousing or hollering “hello puppy!” (which we also do, sometimes)

welcome home, Mom!

welcome home, Mom!

But because the Coop is about 90 lbs and taller than me if he’s laid out with his legs stretched behind him sometimes I do forget that he’s still young. He’s not quite two yet, which means that in doggie years he’s still an adolescent. He’s old enough that he’s beginning to mellow out, and not act like he’s on crack cocaine all the time, but still young enough to be afraid of owls when they hoot in the greenbelt by our home. Old enough that he can be left home alone without chewing on the couch, but young enough that sometimes I see new spots of ticking on his back. Old enough that he’s finished growing (we hope!) but he still has accidents…

Oh yes. Sometimes Cooper wets the bed. Or the couch, in this case. Tuesday night, Michael was doing homework and I was reading his Kindle – because I don’t have a book in line to read next on my own. I can’t decide between “Eat and Run” by Scott Jurek, “The Cool Impossible” by Eric Orton, or maybe another account of the disaster on Mt Everest in 1996. I have read Jon Krakaur’s “Into Thin Air” but I would like to read one of the books written by the other climbers on the mountain in May of 1996. Or a biography. Hi, my name is Sarah and I love to read, and I also love to get off topic when I’m trying to tell a story about my pup.

just chillin with Dad

just chillin with Dad, he’s sweaty from the gym

So! My dog Cooper was sleeping on the couch while I read, and he began to dream. He does this frequently; sometimes it’s just his feet twitching back and forth like he’s trying to run. Sometimes his lips puff and then suck to his teeth, like he’s breathing hard from playing. Every once in a while, those little lip puffs turn into muffled yips, and it is so adorable. This is what it looks and sounds like. The dream that he had on Tuesday must have been intense, because his twitchy feet were moving like he was running away from something scary. His tiny woofs were becoming louder and more frequent until he had worked himself into quite a frenzy and then… silence. Then a long low growl and a leap into the air like he got jolted by an invisible force. He was immediately awake, and he stepped down off the couch to reveal…


My dog cooper wet the bed! Just a little bit, before he woke up and caught himself, but he still did it! He was so embarrassed that he kept trying to hide the spot from me, but I cooed at him and let him know that I wasn’t mad. It was obviously an accident, so how could I possibly be? Also, our couches are hand-me-downs and older than dirt.

Even though he’s a big big boy, my dog Cooper is still just a baby, so let him sleep



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