So I took a month off, big whoop

How excited were all of you to see that I’m back to the ol’ blog? So excited!? (cricket sounds) That’s what I thought. So I took a whole month off of blogging, and I make no excuses. I chose to spend my non-blogging time a) cleaning and packing for The Big Move, b) outside in the RIDICULOUSLY prefect weather we’ve been having while trying to soak up these last few months with our West o’ the Mountains friends, and  c) searching for a job and a place to live after The Big Move. Thankfully, I have a job and we found a place that we would like to live!  Hopefully, soon, they will call us back with great news saying that our application went through and we can move on September 1st. If not, we may have to live somewhere with no washer or dryer, and let me just tell you, that is borderline a deal breaker for me. I mean, I’d rather not have a washer and dryer than be homeless, but JUST BARELY. What? How did this get so depressing already? Let us switch gears to my favorite thing that happened in the last month:


cornbread quiche with mushrooms, broccoli and onion

Ha. Just kidding… kind of. That was super delicious. No, my actual favorite thing was the wedding of two of our good buddies.

"Wuv.... twue wuv!"

“Wuv…. twue wuv!”

They are supremely perfect for each other. They’re both quirky, smart, kind and funny people, and they’re both REALLY short!


Michael and I look like giants! Granted, M is a giant and I was wearing giant shoes.

we so fancy

we so fancy

Three things that made this wedding absolutely wonderful?

1. The groom’s dad is an avid gardener, so of course the centerpieces on the dinner tables were handcrafted succulent arrangements in (get this!) thrift store bakeware and oyster shells. I absolutely lost my mind when I saw these! I mean, are you kidding me?! So unique, with a beautiful little homemade touch.

I. Just. Cant.

I. Just. Cant.

2.  Our friends from out of town were there, and we had the pleasure of spending time with those yahoos. This is one of Michael’s best friends from childhood. I T.P.ed his house once with a group of my girlfriends… we were rebels…

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to raise our children Protestant."

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to raise our children Protestant.”

3. Michael “got sweat in his eyes”. Remember how I said that the couple was perfect for each other? Michael thinks so too. As the best man, he was able to support his good friend whole heartedly. He gave a great toast, and then watched while the couple celebrated their marriage with a first dance. I think that someone was cutting onions over on his side of the room, because right after I snapped that picture I went to go stand next to him and my eyes started watering too! Weird…

sweat in his eyes...

sweat in his eyes…


4. BONUS! The wedding was in Sequim, so we got to spend time with Michael’s sister and her family! Michael was very much tied up in his best man duties, but I got to go out walking on the Dungeoness Spit and to the farmers market, where we had some killer blackberry frozen yogurt. Of course, My Dog Cooper came along for the trip, and he had a great time with his buddy Moose. (You didn’t think I could go a whole post without mentioning him? It’s the name of the blog, silly!)

flora at the farmer's market

flora at the farmer’s market

Buddy Cooper, what are you looking at?

Buddy Cooper, what are you looking at?

oh, I see!

oh, I see!

See you soon with more of My Dog Cooper!


One thought on “So I took a month off, big whoop

  1. I do so miss your blogs! good luck with your move and no worries on the house. YOU both will find something which fits all “three” of you. 🙂

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