Happy Saturday!

Have a great weekend, y’all! Enjoy that sunshine!


Happy Three Day Weekend Friday!

Not too much time to post today, becase a) it’s EVERYONE’S BIRTHDAY! and b) every time I try something crazy happens. To sum things up:

Happy Birthday Emily, Becky, and Enaeza! I love all three of you.

I’ll be back with pictures and a race recap from Ski to Sea on Monday.


Happy Friday!

Hooray! We made it! Some weeks feel so much longer than others, but for some reason this week flew by for me. It could be because I’m working at a new location, or it could be that the weather has been nicer, or maybe it’s because we started the blog this week… whatever the reason is, I’m no less happy that the weekend starts this evening. My dog Cooper will be happy that it’s the weekend as well! Since MaeMae has been out of town this week, and Michael and I have been working long days, he’s had a lot of alone time. When the Coop has weeks like this, all by himself with no one to rub his ears, we try to make it up to him during the weekends. This can sometimes mean adventures at the dog park, or hours in the yard playing fetch with his chewed up tennis balls or slimy rawhide bones.

You want this bone? This bone right here? Let me just lick it first.

You want this bone? This bone right here? Let me just lick it first.

Sometimes Cooper gets really lucky though. Continue reading