Workout Wednesday: NODM

Another race recap edition of Workout Wednesday, comin’ atcha more than a month late! I’m so current.

This week, I get to bathe in the golden memories of the North Olympic Discovery half marathon. Michael’s sister, Michelle, and I did this race on June 2, and although it was literally the slowest 13 miles I have ever run it was absolutely the most beautiful and gratifying. I wish I ran with my phone, or with a camera, but I didn’t/don’t so I have zero pictures from the race itself, but here is a before shot…

pre-race jitters

pre-race jitters – we are in line for the port-a-potty

Coming off of Ski to Sea the week before, I had rested for three days, ran a few “shake out” miles on Thursday and then walked both Friday and Saturday. My legs were still a little sore, and trying to rebuild glycogen stores, AND my toenail was in the first stages of sloughing off (so cute) so I went into the race not expecting a lot from myself. Michelle and I started the race together and I (stupidly) let my Garmin scare me. I felt great running with her, but when I looked down and saw that we had done an 8:20 our first mile and a 7:50 for our second I freaked. I just KNEW I was going to crash and burn, so I told her that if I was going to make it to the end I needed to back it off. At the first aid station (about 5k, or 24 minutes into our race) I walked through to make sure that I didn’t get “sloshy belly”. It was a very warm day and I wanted to make sure that I stayed hydrated. As I walked through, Michelle took off and I let her go.

I settled into an 8:50-9:10 pace for the next few miles, making sure to walk through the aid stations and get both water and electrolytes, and at the third aid station I grabbed a pack of Gu. Why did I do this? Because I had heard other runners talk about how it fueled them and I wanted to be part of the cool crowd. I had forgotten Racing Rule #2 “Never Try Anything New on Race Day” (#1 “Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia”… joking! Rule # 1 is ALWAYS “Have Fun!”) I took the Gu without any water and almost vomited. It was all over my mouth and hands and everything and I was losing control. Thank goodness for the multiple aid stations on the course – at the next one I took some time to clean my face, hands and shirt. As I was taking an impromptu shower in the middle of a half marathon, I saw the 2hr pacer guy trot by. After that happened something clicked in my brain. I didn’t want to waste myself catching up to him, and I didn’t want to make myself sick again. I wanted to enjoy every step of that beautiful course, and I wanted to do it joyfully.

I ended up taking a lot of walking breaks, definitely walking through every aid station, and thanking those who were out in the hot sun volunteering. I cheered on my fellow racers as I passed them and as they passed me. I chatted with a few women and one dude with a stroller (RUNNING A HALF MARATHON. WITH A STROLLER.), and basically just enjoyed myself.

I finished 243rd out of 715 females running the half marathon with a huge smile on my face.

13.1 because I'm only half crazy

13.1 because I’m only half crazy

I wish I could tell you that I was mad at myself for not pushing harder, or for not finishing under 2 hours, or for letting Michelle drop me but I can’t. I felt such a peace and so much gratitude for my body and for my environment that I physically and emotionally am choosing not to poison those feelings with any “what ifs”. There will be other races to push myself in, but in that moment I did exactly what I needed to do.



Official Time: 2:17:25

average pace: 10:30/mi

level of exertion: 7/10

level of soreness : 4/10 (other than some acute day-of exhaustion, I had little to no lasting soreness! that’s what happens when you don’t push…)

A few more pictures from our weekend in Sequim – thanks Michelle and family for letting us crash at your house!

Michelle and Kyah with a big dog and a little dog

Michelle and Kyah with a big dog and a little dog

chickens and their awesome coop!

chickens and their awesome coop!



My Dog Cooper and his buddy Moose

My Dog Cooper and his buddy Moose

Have a happy Fourth of July!


Workout Wednesday: Ski to Sea

alternate title: Sit on the Couch and Read My Kindle Wednesday

I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, which has worked out pretty well for Workout Wendesday because after the North Olympic Discovery half marathon I haven’t done a whole lot as far as working out goes. Running two times a week, just enough so that I can eat ice cream on the weekends and not crumble into a pile of shame, has been my modus operandi. Today’s Workout Wednesday is my much overdue race recap of Ski to Sea, and to be completely honest, I have been simultaneously excited about and dreading this post for two reasons. First, the atmosphere of Ski to Sea is difficult to convey in real life, let alone through words on a screen, and second, I knew it would be crazy long and self indulgent and probably difficult to read. So I apologize in advance!



This is Team Ocho Pinko. The Ocho Pinkos have been together in for (I think) five years, I’ve only been a part for the last four, and as you can tell by our matching hoodies, it’s a pretty tight knit group. I got drafted on as the runner in 2010, partly because I missed Bellingham enough that I was willing to sacrifice my quads, and partly because sane (read: older) people like to keep the cartilage in their knees springy. I feel like this needs a bit more of a detailed explanation… Continue reading

Workout Wendesday

Welcome to the second edition of Workout Wednesday, where Michael and I get to stay accountable by telling you how much (read: how little) we worked out the previous week. As you may remember, my foot has been healing from some kind of acute abductor hallucis stress. I think that it was caused by running too many hills and pushing from my toes instead of using my big muscles (ie my glutes and hip flexors). Some of these hills were at the Fiesta 5k Ole! in Seattle, which I ran with a few of my buddies on May 4th.

My buddies and the winner of the costume contest "Inflatable Horse Guy"

My buddies and the winner of the costume contest “Inflatable Horse Guy”

No, I am not the Inflatable Horse Guy; I was behind the camera taking some superfine pictures of myself accidentally.

oh wait, the camera's facing the other way?

oh wait, the camera’s facing the other way?

Continue reading

Workout Wednesday

Because we’re still in the beginning phases of this blog, I thought I’d introduce a concept that Michael and I have been thinking about: Workout Wednesday! Workout Wednesdays will be more about Michael and I, and less about my dog Cooper. Don’t worry though, the pup will still be involved! On Wednesdays though, we’ll be discussing our workouts (and sometimes our diets) from the past week. There are so many ways to get your burn on, and maybe this will motivate us to try new things, because honestly, who wants to hear “I ran and Michael lifted heavy things” every single Wednesday? Boring! Even though I do run some fun races, like Hell Run


That’s me gingerly picking my way through the mud, and Michael crawling through it like a bear.


most of the time when I run it looks like this

how many miles left?!

how many miles left?!

Like I said, Boring. Even though it doesn’t look like I’m having fun (and sometimes I truly hate my life choices) I do love running and I love what it does for me. Not only does it allow me to drink ridiculous amounts of chocolate milk, it stabilizes my mood and settles my mind more than I ever thought possible. How do I know this? Continue reading