Oh Coop…

This will be short on pictures, and probably short on words as well. My dog Cooper is at the vet right now, after having surgery yesterday, Sometimes (read: most of the time) the Coop makes poor choices regarding what he puts in his mouth, and it caught up with him this time. He ate “a seven to eight inch piece of heavy duty fabric” according to Dr. Schaeffer, and my poor puppy had to get his tummy cut open to get it out. Dr. Schaeffer is THE BEST and Cooper loves her so much. Probably because she was the one who made his tummy feel better last time he ate something that he couldn’t pass (AHEM CORN COB AHEM


Last time he was at the vet, they kept him overnight the day after surgery and Dr. Schaeffer called with some updates. “Cooper seems to be doing really well, he’s hungry and very happy to see people, but I just have a question for you. Is he a vocal dog? We can’t tell if he’s in pain or if he is just whiny” How do you tell a vet, “oh don’t give him any more meds, he’s just THE WHINIEST DOG ALIVE”? What a silly boy 🙂

Cooper is fine now, and I’ll be picking him up in an hour. I can’t wait to see my pup again!

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