Happy 8th of July!

I hope you had a great long weekend! I had to work on Friday, and then Michael worked on Saturday and Sunday to make up for the 4th and 5th, so neither of us had long weekends, but that’s ok!

My dog Cooper had a very fun, very exhausting holiday! He (we) spent the day at Melissa (Michael’s sister) and Shelby’s with her dog Tulsa, Michael’s other sister’s dog Moose (and if there was ever an aptly named dog, Moose is it), our sweet friends Emily and Shaun’s dog Rowling, Michael’s Aunt’s dog Harley, and our friend Robert’s dog Henry. Let me tell you, it was a wild bunch but they all ended up having a great time after they figured out who was the top dog. Let me just tell you now that although Coop was the biggest, he was definitely not the leader of the pack! Tiny Tulsa ruled her home court.

Cooper and Rowling playing tug-of-war while Tulsa relaxes in the sun

Cooper and Rowling playing tug-of-war while Tulsa relaxes in the sun

Moose rehydrating and Cooper licking his lips waiting for his chance at the water bowl

Moose rehydrates after playing fetch; Cooper licks his lips waiting for his chance at the water bowl

Melissa, queen of the puppies!

Melissa, queen of the puppies!

We ate some delicious food (roasted corn guacamole recipe coming soon, if I can steal it from Melissa!) and headed over to the river to cool off. I didn’t have my camera/phone out, partially because I was too busy just enjoying my friends and family, and partially because my nieces just got some aqua-zookas AKA THE COOLEST WATER GUNS EVER! You just suck water from a bucket/puddle/the river and blast it at your unsuspecting victim. The only caveat is that if you dare to play around these, you must protect your phone. So no river pictures. I wish I had it though, because Cooper swam all the way across the river for the first time in his life! He’s becoming such a big boy! Michael was swinging from a rope on the opposite bank, and I think that Coop was nervous for him and wanted to save him. It was so sweet 🙂

Once we finished up at the river, we headed back to Melissa and Shelby’s for a pickleball tournament and some more 4th of July celebrations.

man party

Man Party. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Justin’s ‘merica pants!

yum yum!

yum yum!

some sweet pickleball action

some sweet pickleball action

We all played hard, and by the end of the evening after the fireworks we were all beat. But it’s totally worth it, when you have such great friends and family.

tuckered out!

tuckered out!

I hope you had a safe and happy holiday! What was your favorite part?


The difference a year can make

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous! The weather was in the 80s-90s every day! Summer is Michael’s favorite time of year; he loves to be outside in the heat. I, on the other hand, usually prefer autumn, but when the sun is out and the heat is on I hop on the summer bandwagon.We took full advantage of the high temperatures and made our way down to the river, where we set up chairs and cooled our feet in the flowing mountain runoff.

please take not of that strange child behind Michael...

please take note of that strange child behind Michael… Cooper did not body check him!

Last year, we went to the river as often as we could, but it was always a little stressful. Cooper wasn’t quite a year old yet, and he still was full of willful puppy defiance. It was embarrassing (and dangerous, and disrespectful to other river rats) when he would run off and bark at a family and not come back to the group when he was called. This being our first trip back to the river since last summer, I was a little wary of how well my dog Cooper would behave. Continue reading

Workout Wednesday: Ski to Sea

alternate title: Sit on the Couch and Read My Kindle Wednesday

I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, which has worked out pretty well for Workout Wendesday because after the North Olympic Discovery half marathon I haven’t done a whole lot as far as working out goes. Running two times a week, just enough so that I can eat ice cream on the weekends and not crumble into a pile of shame, has been my modus operandi. Today’s Workout Wednesday is my much overdue race recap of Ski to Sea, and to be completely honest, I have been simultaneously excited about and dreading this post for two reasons. First, the atmosphere of Ski to Sea is difficult to convey in real life, let alone through words on a screen, and second, I knew it would be crazy long and self indulgent and probably difficult to read. So I apologize in advance!



This is Team Ocho Pinko. The Ocho Pinkos have been together in for (I think) five years, I’ve only been a part for the last four, and as you can tell by our matching hoodies, it’s a pretty tight knit group. I got drafted on as the runner in 2010, partly because I missed Bellingham enough that I was willing to sacrifice my quads, and partly because sane (read: older) people like to keep the cartilage in their knees springy. I feel like this needs a bit more of a detailed explanation… Continue reading

I hate it when that happens!

I know that I already lied to you once about how well my dog Cooper does when he’s home alone, and I promise not to make it a habit, but I lied again. Last Friday when I said that I was having an easy week? I jinxed it. Everyone knows not to say things like that, but for some reason I thought that the rules didn’t apply to blogging. HA! Yeah right. Approximately 20 minutes after I hit “publish” the S hit the fan. I ended up staying late at work, which was unfortunate, but luckily I got to come home to a happy husband and sleepy puppy. They’re my favorite things to see at the end of a long day.

Michael does homework while Cooper pretends he's small enough to sit on a lap

Michael does homework while Cooper pretends he’s small enough to sit on a lap

We didn’t end up hiking this weekend, which is kind of a bummer. The weather was absolutely perfect for it on Saturday but I made the mistake of starting to re-read “Mockingjay”, the third “Hunger Games” book, and I accidentally sat on the couch and read all day long. All. Day. Long. I did play with Coop in the yard for a while, but mostly he sat in my lap, or on my feet, or in that special space behind my knees where a triangle formed by my calves, my thighs and the back of the couch. He’s a sweet little boy 🙂 Michael went to the gym and then worked on some homework, but we had a pretty chill Saturday.

I'm just chillin'

I’m just chillin’

Sunday, though, we went to the University District Street Fair where our friend’s band was performing. One of our buddies came to our house so that we could carpool to the city. I’m always surprised when I see him, because I feel like Michael is a pretty big guy, but this guy is a beast.

Baby Beefalo and Big Beefalo

Baby Beefalo and Big Beefalo

Michael looks like a regular sized human being compared to this dude!

We celebrated another friend’s birthday at the fair by rocking out to her boyfriend’s band Velcro Mindset. They were so good! We had karaoked together before, so I knew that the singer had an awesome voice, but hearing his band play was really interesting. They have a great local Seattle rock sound and their lyrics are sharp.


After the band played we got some craft beer and gyros. At the bar, we saw a puppy that was a Cooper look-a-like! The friend whose birthday we were celebrating had a little foot-in-mouth moment though when we were talking to the owner – she kept saying “show him a picture of Cooper!” but his pup was a seeing eyed dog… oops! He was so gracious though, and didn’t make her feel any worse than she already did. The dog was smaller than my dog Cooper, but they had such similar markings and they even made the same facial expressions.

Could you accidentally drop some of your gyro, please?

Once we were done eating, we headed over to a karaoke bar where we all rocked everyone’s faces off! A spectacular finish to a much needed weekend.

What did you do this weekend?